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Knowing how to style your hair can be very difficult, especially if it is a completely new look you are trying. I can’t tell you how many times people, both male and female, have asked me how I get my hair to look the way it does. In actuality, I probably get asked this question more so from girls than I do guys because they are curious about the voluminous aspect of my hairstyle. Well, let me get into how I make it all happen with each and every step that I go through when styling!

Showering (Shampooing, Products, etc.)

The main piece of advice that I have here is to not shampoo your hair daily. It can be very damaging as it dries out your hair and strips all of the natural oils. For me, I like to shampoo about every three days. This really is different for everyone depending on the characteristics of your hair. If you have extra greasy hair, you may need to shampoo daily or every other day. On the other end of the spectrum, some people can make it a whole week because they have very dry hair. I’m about in the middle of the spectrum with my hair.

Of course, I still shower daily so I can reset my hair and have it ready to style again for the day. The other thing to consider when deciding how often to shampoo is how much build-up of product there is in your hair. I use hair styling product daily so anything longer than three days leaves my hair with excess product. Some people are really particular about what shampoo they use, but I have been using Dove for Men for years now and don’t foresee myself switching at all as it has served me well. Its really all preference in my opinion!


This is a step that not a ton of men do but I definitely advocate for. The main product that I have been using is Argan Oil Voluminous Mousse by OGX (link: ). It gives my hair a little more life and volume, which I typically can achieve naturally but still like to use. After showering and towel drying my hair (leaving it damp), I apply the product throughout my hair and push my hair in the general position that I want it to be in at the end of the process. For me, this is back and to the left. If you are looking for a more uniformed style, you can shape your hair into position using a wide-toothed comb (this comb prevents ripping and pulling of your hair).

Blow Drying

I feel like most guys are against using a blow dryer; however, it is the most important step for me. Most men, and even women, don’t realize the benefits of blow drying your hair. It isn’t just to dry your hair quickly, there are so many other reasons behind it. The heat from the blow dryer is what holds your hair in place and shapes it to the way you desire. Before blow drying your hair, it is important to use a heat protectant to keep from damaging your hair. If you use a mousse like I suggested earlier, this doubles as your protectant.

As I mentioned previously, I style my hair back and to the left so this is how I blow dry it. I do this for about 75% of the time and then for the other 25% I go the opposite direction to give it even more volume and to give me that messier look. If you have super straight hair like me and want a little bit of wave and texture, grab a clump of your hair, twist it around your finger, and then apply heat from the dryer. The heat will hold it in a bit of a wavy style, so do this to as much of your hair as you want to get the desired effect. Once you have your hair dried and how you want it to look, you’re ready to use a styling product.


There are a million different hair products that you can be using and figuring out which one to use can be a headache. I’ve used a few different kinds but have been stuck on one for quite some time now. My go-to is Hanz De Fuko (link: ) and I know that is a go-to for a ton of other bloggers and YouTubers like me. For me, I have super thick hair so I use their claymation product. The product lists as a “super high hold with matte finish,” which is perfect for my hair. If you have thinner hair you can use like a wax or pomade. There is so much to talk about as far as what hair product you should be using, so I’d really just suggest doing research to find what would suit you.

Personally, I don’t like to use a ton of styling product because I want that loose, messy look, so I use about a nickel-size of the clay product. I rub the product in my hands then just apply it all throughout my hair, making sure I get deep into the roots. I cover as much of my hair as I can until it feels like it has all been reached, then I use my fingers to make sure it is in the position that I want. From here, I like to just continually push it a few times from the front to the back and partly to the left. After all of this, I like to use the leftover product on my hands to rub the sides of my hair downwards to make sure I don’t have hairs sticking out.

We’re Done!

Now all that’s left is to not screw up your hair too much when you’re getting dressed, which is probably the hardest part of this whole process. I really hope this gives you all some insight into my style and helps you with a few new ideas of how you can better your own look! If you liked this but are still looking for a few new style ideas, check out my last article here : . Thanks for reading!

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