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We all wish we had access to all of the newest fashion trends and could get whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Unfortunately for most, that is not the case as we all have realistic budgets that we have to follow and make decisions on what to get. However, there are ways to make the most of your money. What I mean by this is there are “hacks” you can use to help save yourself a few dollars here and there. Saving money means you can use that extra cash to load up on even more cool stuff. So if you’re looking to save some money while shopping, check out my methods here!

Know Where to Shop

I’ve gone over this in detail about where to shop and what stores you should be going to (I’ll link it below). It’s important to know what stores fit your budget based so you aren’t blowing all of your money on just a few expensive items. Check out my list of where to shop here:


I can’t say this is for everyone, but seriously try it. Obviously, it won’t work at all stores but it may at some. It has worked for me in situations where I am being personally helped by an employee at the store. The worker will be helping me find something and before I decide to get it, I’ll say something like “I do like it, it’s just more than I want to spend” or something along those lines. Many times in these situations the employee can come up with a discount or coupon for you to make sure you go through with the purchase. And if it doesn’t work out? Who cares, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Leave Items In Your Cart

Many people have probably learned this one for themselves by accident already. You’re browsing around on a website and add a few items to your cart that catch your eye but you don’t end up getting them so you exit out. A day or two later, you get an email from whatever site you were on offering you a discount code or something like that. SCORE! You get the items you wanted all along at a cheaper price — the best of both worlds. Obviously, stores want to sell as much as possible. They can afford to reduce the price a bit as long as they close the deal in the end. So do yourself a favor and leave a few items in your cart that you’re thinking about getting to see if you can get a discount from the online store!

Use the Chat Assistant

Some online stores have the option to chat with an assistant or whatever it may be. These are associates looking to see if they can help you with anything. Basically, this is the version of online negotiating/bargaining. Just ask the chat assistant if they can get you a better deal with a clutch discount code or something like that. Again, what’s the worst that could happen?

Use Shoptagr

What is Shoptagr? If you haven’t heard of it already, it’s a web browser extension (you can also get it as an app on your phone) that allows you to save items when shopping on the web. This is super useful when the store is out of your size or is just a little bit too pricey. You can set preferences on Shoptagr for them to notify you when they get your size back in stock or when the price drops. If you’re someone who is always shopping for deals, then this is absolutely for you. It’s a great way to keep tabs on all of the products you are interested in without having to do any work yourself.

Here is the link:

Download Honey

Honey is similar to Shoptagr as it is a web browser extension designed to save you some dough. All you have to do is download the extension and Honey does the rest of the work for you. When you are ready to check out, Honey will search the web for all applicable coupons — BOOM, instant savings!

Link for Honey:

Here is what Shoptagr and Honey look like when downloaded, just two little icons in the web browser bar.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 10.58.14 PM

Buy Out of Season

This is one of my favorite money saving hacks, as it always works. Clothes are always on sale when nobody is looking to buy them. For example, look to pick up some summer shorts during the winter months. Often times, these deals can be found when you least suspect. Just last week (in the middle of January in Minnesota while it was 5 degrees outside) Express had all of their winter coats on sale because they were setting their spring time apparel up. They needed to move all of their winter apparel to make room so I picked up a camel overcoat at 50% off for just $80.

So in conclusion, these tips should definitely help you save some money, something we all should be trying to do more often. This way you can you still look good without breaking the bank!

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